Moriah Paz – Artist/Painter

I’m Moriah Paz and I’m happy to meet you. I began my journey into the world of painting when I was in Africa together with my husband for his work.

We were in a small isolated village, a fifteen hour drive by jeep from the capital; truly the Third World, devoid of even the basic infrastructure but abounding with powerful landscapes and luxurious nature, in an area that tourists never see. The lush and verdant scenery, flourishing plant life, flowing rivers and water everywhere took my breath away.

An additional resource at my disposal was that of time. While my husband was occupied daily with his work, I was able to go out into the land and connect with the Creator of the World, through hour upon hour of solitude and prayer.

Surrounded by this powerful landscape – the beauty and creation of G-d – and offering my prayers to Him, I received in return the inspiration and enlightenment to begin to paint.

My only tools to hand at the beginning of my journey were charcoal and ordinary paper. My heart guided my hand and from my very first work in charcoal I was drawn towards landscapes and abstract paintings.

When back home for the first time for a visit I stocked up with acrylic paints and canvas, which now enabled me to express in vivid colours the gift I had received from the Heavens. This gift of G-d led me to discover my authentic internal self and give it expression on canvas. I paint from joy, optimism and love of all humankind, and in my paintings the viewers can find their own deep connection to their internal world.

Upon our return to the Holy Land, to our house in Kfar Sirkin, I was able to have my own studio, in which I work and spend most of my time in developing my art and creativity.

My aspiration is that my paintings will touch the heart and spirit of those who view them and provide them with a positive, powerful and blessed spiritual experience, as told by King Solomon: “As in water face reflects the face, so a person’s heart reflects the person.” (Proverbs 27:19).

I invite all lovers of art, the humanities, architecture and interior design, business owners and private individuals, who seek the aesthetic and the valued, to experience and discover

among my works on the website that particular painting that speaks individually to you.

My paintings can be purchased directly via my website, by personal order according to the client’s request or by visiting my studio (arranged in advance)

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